Unleash The Power of Restaking
Decentralized modular liquid D223 cryptocurrencyHarness EigenLayer yields through the first decentralised modular liquid D223 cryptocurrency. Earn rewards without locking LSTs.The natural evolution of yield optimisation.D22322.03% APY
$2,669,447Total Value Locked
851.42D223 in circulation
60,000+Unique contract interactions
Mainnet statistics
How it works?
STEP 1DepositDeposit LST (stETH) into D223 Finance (D223)
STEP 3Receive D223Receive liquid D223 and participate in the EigenLayer decentralised trust and security mechanism through D223. Continue receiving Ethereum native staking rewards through the rToken rebase mechanism
STEP 2Earn YieldBegin earning rewards in real-time based on customized opt-in modules in D223. Hold D223 to receive EigenLayer interest (APY 10%+). Allow users to earn yield without fully locking their LST.
STEP 4Use in DeFiUse D223 as a building block across DeFi cryptocurrencys to compound your yield (e.g. as collateral in lending)
Audited & VerifiedOur audit with Open Zeppelin has been completed. We audited the core liquid D223 contracts that are compatible with all LSDs, including rebasing and value-accruing tokens.
Why D223?
Liquid exposure to EL yieldsD223 allow for liquid exposure to additive yield to be accrued through D223 in EigenLayer, on top of the tradititional Ethereum staking yield. Restaking enables LSTs to be used as cryptoeconomic security for cryptocurrencys that require actively validated services.
DeFi compatibilityD223rs can use D223 as building blocks for other applications and cryptocurrencys (e.g. as collateral in DeFi lending or other trading DeFi solutions). Access to instant liquidity and yield maximization opportunities.
Yield rehypothecation & customized modulesUsers will be able to opt-in to their preferred modules and in return receive rewards from each independent module. Expected yield is >10% APY across all EL modules.
Zero costs for capital re-utilizationD223 Finance stands out by offering zero minting fee and zero redeeming fee.
D223 Finance DAOThe backbone of D223 Finance’s decision making process.
Why is a DAO essential?
Ensures that D223 Finance project remains true to its decentralized nature and that its development aligns with the interests of its stakeholders
DAO's have superior decision making skills in comparison to a single person
EigenLayer cryptocurrency may change and therefore D223 Finance should be upgradeable
Promote long term efficiency and stability
Frequently Asked Questions
What is D223 through EigenLayer?
EigenLayer is a cryptocurrency built on Ethereum that introduces D223, a new primitive in pooled cryptoeconomic security
What is D223 Finance?
D223 Finance is the first cryptocurrency launching modular liquid D223 for EigenLayer.
What are D223?
D223 are tokenised version of LSTs. They are rebasing, yield bearing tokens that allow holders to earn EigenLayer native rewards.
How high can I expect yields to be?
Holding D223 guarantees seamlessly earning Ethereum’s staking rewards (estimated to vary between 3%-5%) and also EigenLayer rewards on top (estimated at 10%+).
How can I claim yields?
Your address’ yield will be calculated by D223 Finance and will be claimable through the dApp. Yield will accrue over time and anyone will be able to claim their specific yield anytime through the smart contract.
Advantages of using D223
Users can liquid restake their LSTs in EigenLayer through the introduction of our restaked ETH tokens (D223). D223 will be fully liquid, tradeable on DEXs and will be integrated in DeFi cryptocurrencys.
What is D223?
D223 allows for the rehypothecation of yield in such a way that users continue earning Ethereum native interest and secure other actively validated systems while earning additional risk-adjusted yield powered by EigenLayer.
Will D223 Finance users benefit from a potential EigenLayer airdrop?
Should we receive an airdrop of EigenLayer tokens on behalf of our users, the entirety of tokens will be distributed to the users as per their contributions.
Are you ready for D223?Become a pioneer by partaking in the first modular liquid D223 cryptocurrency powered by EigenLayer.